At Boyle Family Dental we take pride in offering our patients the most up-to-date treatments, resources and equipment. Because we care about providing the highest quality of treatment possible, we have invested in the cone beam scanner. Dental technology has come a long way, especially when it comes to medical imaging. This dental CBCT scanner is a unique dental x-ray machine in Idaho Falls that provides us with the information needed to provide a more effective treatment plan by using the intricate 3-D images that are created from your teeth and jaw bone. It even permits us to see your ear, nose, and throat area more clearly.

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Not only do these CT scans provide incredible image quality, they can give the dentist an inside look at your teeth, soft tissues, and even your nerve pathways. With the information provided by the CT exam, implant treatment planning has improved significantly. The scans really give us the overall information we need to be able to treat all aspects of your oral health.

The Benefits and Risks of a Dental Cone Beam CT Scanner

The CT scanner is a noninvasive way to get all the best kind of information with the least amount of discomfort or harm.

While the dental cone beam CT scanner does have less radiation exposure than a traditional CT scan, it does have more of a radiation dose than a traditional dental x-ray machine. It’s important to consult with your dentist about whether a dental cone beam computer image is necessary and safe for you or your children. By providing your accurate information on your medical history forms and communicating any health problems or concerns to our dental staff, we can determine if the CT scan is safe to use for your exam.

If you think you could benefit from oral and maxillofacial radiology by the use of a CT scanner, give Boyle Family Dental a call and ask about scheduling a dental visit today!